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NASA Visions of the Future

Visions of the Future

I spent six months living about ten feet from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge. While I was there they were running the Mars Sojourner mission. You never knew when, at random times throughout the day, a rocket would go off in the hills, a helicopter would land, or deafening siren would go off.

JPL has commissioned a series of free posters designed by Invisible Creature, made to inspire "generations of innovators and explorers." A laudable idea with some mixed results. The serif/sans-serif dichotomy is "interesting." I wish the Kepler-16b and Earth posters didn't have that weird descender on the "r." Without the distracting "r" the Kepler-16b poster would be my favorite.

The Titan poster is gorgeous. Europa's foreground silhouette on the right is distracting and if it's a reference I don't get it.

Be sure to click on the posters to read about the places.